OBD2 Car dashboard


Features of GPS Speedometer OBD2 Car dashboard: Speed limit

  • Analog Digital speedometer app designed for riders & drivers using HUD(Heads up display) speedometer app with a fancy dashboard.
  • Use GPS Speedometer(Heads up display) system in the car to check reading on the odometer.
  • Check all of the sensors with a fancy dashboard.
    Best tracking device app that allows finding the vehicle in Gps speedometer Heads up display app.
  • Vehicle tracking with complete detail on heads up display in Odometer App.
  • Add a custom and get information, that was hidden from you by the car manufacturer!
  • It can also show and reset a DTC fault code. Car Scanner includes a huge database of DTC codes descriptions.
  • Fancy dashboard Car Scanner allows you to read free-frames (sensors state when DTC is saved).